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Evolving into you world Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Evolving into you world - Essay Example Therefore, Information allows for an expansion of knowledge. As changes occur from generation to generation, there are also changes in acquisition and use of information. This paper therefore, assesses the changes in information tools between generations. Are the information tools for the generations before the internet came and after the internet came the same or different? This paper uses generation X to represent the old generation and generation Y to represent the new generation. Generation X, was born between 1965 and 1980 while generation Y is that form 1981 and 2000. Over time, there has been a change in the manners and habits of different generations for instance, the manners in which the old and the new generations get information are different. The old generation heavily depended on the library for information. In these libraries, information was mainly got from books. Due to the effort involved in reading these books the use of libraries as information sources was very tedious and time consuming. However, in terms of knowledge enrichment such individuals heavily benefitted from such study methods. Because of the time used for the study, students would read a lot so as to finally land on the relevant information. In the process of reading a lot, large amounts of knowledge would be gathered. Libraries were mainly used by students for their educational purposes. However, not all people who used libraries did this for educational purposes. Some people read articles, magazines and novels just for fun. Thanks to the libraries which availed such information materials. Most people from the older generation when asked the question of where they would go for information about anything, the answer would be the same. All these people would go to a Library. This was the answer I got when I interviewed my father and grandfather. Technology during the old days was still underdeveloped thus

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The Cool Web Essay Example for Free

The Cool Web Essay In their respective poems, the poets examine language and the importance of it in our life and culture. Robert Graves uses a metaphor of a web to depict language, one that gives form, structure and release to daily events. The image of language being constructed like a web is reflected in the structure of the poem, in iambic pentameter form. Graves describes in the first stanza how children are unable through words to describe how hot the day is. They are completely dumb and unable to express their discomfort, and in this manner lessen its intensity. The black wastes of the evening sky alludes also to the negativity and oppression that daily living inflicts. How dreadful the tall soldiers drumming by reinforces this, suggesting war, reinforcing also the feeling of conflict and negativity. The second stanza turns the poem around, starting with But. Graves explains how we have speech to chill the angry day, to dull the roses cruel scent. The philosophical proposition of speech as a release, as a poultice or panacea, is amplified through the poets use of repetition.  But we have speech, to chill the angry day, And speech, to dull the roses cruel scent.  We spell away the overhanging night,  We spell away the soldiers and the fright. The second half of the stanza, on a conspicuous level, describes the craft of a poet. It also insinuates language as a form of magic, as if poets are magicians who have power over the natural world. The third stanza links directly back to the title of the poem, describing language as a cool web that winds us in. It also carries a warning of withdrawing too much from emotion, joy or fear:  We grow sea-green at last and coldly die  In brininess and volubility. Language is here described as an Ocean, one that if we immerse ourselves too deeply in, we drown in brininess and volubility. Graves choice of elaborate words demonstrates the power of language. The final stanza is also a warning, a warning that without words and language to provide rationalisation, form and structure to our thoughts and emotions we shall go mad no doubt and die that way. The poet is ambivalent in his viewpoint, arguing that we need a balance between verbosity and losing self-possession of our tongues, that without the escape language and poetry offers we are like children, dumb to express ourselves. In Edward Thomas poem, Words, he suggests that eloquence and language are not voluntary. The poem uses enjambment, reflecting the flow of inspiration and free thought. Addressing words directly in his poem, he asks for inspiration:  Will you choose  Sometimes   (.) Choose me,  You English words? Thomas insinuates that words choose the poet or writer, contrasting with Graves opinion (as suggested in his poem The Cool Web) that we have control over our use of language. Thomas compares inspiration coming to the poet as wind, whistling through as if through a crack in a wall, or a drain. The imagery of words being weightless and almost supernatural is amplified by their comparison to light as dreams. The reference to words being as precious as poppies can be interpreted perhaps as opium dreams, and corn is the basis of bread. Through these comparisons the poet implies that language and words are a basic need of human culture, as necessary as bread and dreams the allusion to dreams being an escape from reality, and also a source of inspiration. An old cloak implies familiarity. The majority of the second stanza appeals heavily to the senses, using aural imagery:  Sweet as our birds  To the ear,  As the burnet rose  In the heat  Of Midsummer  Thomas also describes the mystery of words and language by comparing them to the races of the dead and unborn. The similarities between words and the dead and unborn alludes to the idea that there are poems and books not yet written, the dead implying potentialities not reached and the unborn suggesting poems and inspiration growing and developing within poets. The verse describes natural beauty, depicting roses, yew trees, hills, and streams after rain implying that words are also natural beauty. In the third stanza, Thomas alludes to the different dialects of Wiltshire, Kent and Herefordshire, drawing attention to the diversity of the English language. From the names, and the things / No less.  The final stanza eulogizes the act of writing a poem, addressing inspiration directly as you again.  Let me sometimes dance  With you,  Or climb  Or stand perchance  In ecstasy,  Fixed and free  In a rhyme,  As poets do.  Thomas personifies language and inspiration a tactile being, Let me sometimes dance / With you, also reflecting back on his previous description of poetry being dream-like, Or stand perchance in ecstasy. Fixed and free describes the rigid backbone of a poem, the technical structure and form, but also the freedom the language gives it.

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Fossil Fuels and the Environment: :: Envrionmental Pollution Essays

Fossil Fuels and the Environment Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been watching cartoon shows like Captain Planet, which talked about pollution and the earth. I didn’t really understand what they were talking about then and its sad to say that only recently have a grasped the true message of the show. As kids and adolescents were mostly told to recycle, it wasn’t until college that I acquired a broader perspective on the subject of preserving the environment. Fossil fuels are an indispensable part of human survival. However, from beginning to end this process leaves many scars on the planet. In the process of extracting coal for example, we destroy the top soil of the earth. Before the environmental acts, the holes where the excavation was performed were left uncovered, creating acid lakes from the iron pyrite left behind. End use produces pollutants from combustion, such as sulfur and nitrogen oxide (SOX and NOX), particulate matter (ROX), and carbon monoxide (CO) and un-burnt hydrocarbons (UHC). These pollutants, either separately or in combination with one another, are responsible for smog in the ozone, acid rain, and The Greenhouse Effect. Now comes the interesting part. The earth gets the majority of its heat from the radiation of the sun. Most of this heat should be radiated into space, yet this process is being obstructed by the amount of CO2 and other gases. While researching for this subject I also came across the problem of deforestation. Scientists say, since temperature changes could affect major climate patterns, alter species’ habitats, and have other unknown consequences. The melting of the polar Ice caps is the biggest cause for worry at the moment. Rising temperatures have a dramatic impact on Arctic ice, which serves as a kind of "air conditioner" at the top of the world. Since 1978 Arctic sea ice area has shrunk by some 9 percent per decade, and thinned as well. Climate models suggest that global warming could cause more frequent extreme weather conditions. Intense hurricanes and storm surges could threaten coastal communities, while heat waves, fires and drought could also become more common. Reading this information causes trepidation particularly because of the abnormal amount of Hurricanes that we suffered through this year. This only proves that global warming is real and a bigger threat than we might have envision ed. As mentioned before the earth receives most of it heat form the sun, at least 32% of it is reflected back by the ice caps.

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Human Mental Health Service Worker Essay

Skills & Characteristics of Mental Health Human Service Workers Skills & Characteristics of Mental Health Human Service Workers Human Service Workers are made up of a group of people that choice to help those in need. Those service workers that decide to work with the mentally disabled are very special people. The workers are trained to assist with the emotional issues that usually bring the client to the point they are at. There are also other causes that can be a part of the reason behind the challenges people with mental illnesses deal with. There could be illnesses that are passed down from previous generations or chemical imbalances at play. In order to be a successful mental health human service worker, there are traits that one must have. In the following paper, it will become clear what skills and characteristics a Mental Health Human Service Worker maintains. Human Service Workers in the Mental Health Field are social workers who strive to make more productive options for their clients. They help the client obtain the treatment required for better health. There are also some cases where family connections are needed to assist in the client being restored to his or her best mental health state. Human Service Workers become a part of their client’s life in some cases can even be more like a life coach because the client depends on them for a chance to feel whole again mentally. When a person struggles with mental illness, there is a battle for that person as they are trying to find their place and feeling different is very difficult to handle. This is where Human Service Workers come into play. Service Workers have to have compassion for others and they have to have a desire to help others. These are characteristics that are a must in order to be a good Human Service Worker. The Human Service Worker is like a life coach to the client. Each session has to provide them with a life skill and an assignment for them to complete. This is part of the recovery process because there is an ending to the process. There are stages and with each stage there are lessons that are learned. Even though the Service Worker become a major part of the client’s life as the process continues and draws to an end, the client needs to be prepared to work without the Service Worker and understand they must take what they have  learned and continue to use those lessons in the everyday life to keep growing and bettering themselves. Education is a key factor for an effective Human Service Worker, there are many years of schooling that are required. Training and knowledge is just the beginning of what is needed to be successful in the Human Service Field. A Human Service Worker must be able to put personal prejudices aside to be able to help his or her client in an appropriate manner. Putting aside personal prejudices is important but doesn’t mean putting common sense aside. Ethics are another key point to success. By having ethics, it enables you to see the entire situation just as it is, know there are things that may not be normal but, at the same time understandin g that what makes there be needs for Service Workers. Finally, not being judgmental is very important because your clients are in need of your help for a reason, the last thing they need is to feel judge by the one person that is there to help them. Education is important however, personal experience is also an advantage that can help the Human Service Worker relate to what the client is experiencing. By being able to relate to your client, it enables you to be able to read between the lines as the client does not always have the ability to say what is bothering them. Sometimes they are talking in circles and personal experiences make it possible for the Service Worker to read between the lines and pull out the causes to the problems the client is dealing with. According to the community support skills standards, there are critical areas of competence such as Participant Empowerment, Community Networking, and Advocacy (NOHC). These are all areas that are very important in the Human Service field. Participant empowerment is allowing the client to be a part of the program including what are the best ways to proceed. The client needs to feel they still have control over their own recovery. Yes, it is the Human Service Worker’s place to lead them in the right direction that will put them back on the path to recovery however, it is vital that the client be allowed to also make some decisions in the process. Community networking also is important in that most clients are unaware of what services are available for them to take advantage of. With the education the Service Worker has, they are also made aware of the different services available, working with these other programs, learning which ones are more valuable in each client situation. Advocacy is another way that the Service Worker enables the client to heal. Advocating for your  client is in a sense is being their voice in a time when they are not able to. This is a huge part of what the client needs, they need to feel there is someone there for them in a time of need. Skills can be developed to help in the formation of a successful h uman service worker by taking classes, furthering education, training courses, and personal experience. Keeping up to date with the changes that take place in this field is very important. Knowing what the latest studies are in the field and even latest treatment plans can assist any human service worker to do their job more effectively and even help them open their mind a little bit more than before this training. There are some people that are natural born helpers in this field. While he or she may feel like they are helping it is important that they also have the education to be able to assist clients. It is true that there are people born to help others and in doing so makes them happy and complete. A natural born helper seems to be more successful in the human service field simply because have the trait of helping others and this is an area they are very comfortable with. There are many different areas where Human Service Workers can assist the mental ill such as Community Mental Health Centers, Youth Services, and Halfway Houses or Prisons. It is clear as to why there would be a need in the mental health centers and prisons but, you may be asking why would there be a need in youth services areas. Drugs and alcohol abuse could be a contributing factor as to why a client may be dealing with mental health issues. Drugs and excessive alcohol could cause the body to go out of sink and there ca n be major affects on the brain. Clients that have addictions which cause them to be paranoid and can even cause them to do things that they would not do in a normal frame of mind. When dealing with clients in this situation, it is important to first place them in an area to dry them out, then you can deal with the client through rehab programs and education. Within the Community Mental Health Center, determining what the cause of the problem is the first step in beginning the recovery process. Depending on what the root of the evil is will determining what program is best for the client. With the halfway house, it is clear that an addiction or crime is apparent so first going back into the client’s child hood to see what caused the client to do what he or she has done. Afterwards, the path of treatment would be different because there are several things to consider. As it has been clearly laid  out, being a Human Service Worker requires being a person that cares for others, doesn’t judge, and has the knowledge needed to help their client again become a productive member of society. In some cases medication is required and in others, simply gett ing the root of the problem and helping the client learn to face that problem, learning how to deal with it is the key to success. Reference National Organization for Human Services. (n.d.). What is Human Services. Retrieved from

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History And The New Testament Scriptures - 1453 Words

Critical Paper: Redemptive History and the New Testament Scriptures To recognize Him who is speaking (Heb. 12:25) this is key. Redemptive History and the New Testament Scriptures (RHNTS) illuminates us in God’s message of the NT as part of the redemptive work of Christ and thereby has complete authority from Christ. Nevertheless, the revealed light stands against the darkness that opposes it. Canon Authority Ridderbos’ had to defend against common fallacies of his time. This meant disproving the subjective interpretations, popular existential thought, and canon hermeneutics based on historical investigation. To have an objective, unchanging, non existential Scripture we cannot use any external metric upon the canon. This includes granting validation from experiences of believers as a measure. Ridderbos defines redemptive history and Scripture as the only rules or measures. Next, Ridderbos illustrates how the commissioning of the apostles is redemptive history, being sent by and with the Holy Spirit. The apostles had exclusive unrepeatable authority from Christ by which they performed the writing of the canon with the subsequent formation and closing of the canon. Misinformed individuals may think that the church received and approved the canon. The canon proved itself and forced the churches worldwide to accept it, this was not without struggle between acce pting books of the canon and those churches that accepted them first. Ecclesiastical authority is theShow MoreRelatedPreaching Christ From The Old Testament1137 Words   |  5 PagesPREACHING CHRIST FROM THE OLD TESTAMENT In Preaching Christ from the Old Testament , author Sidney Greidanus offers a contemporary hermeneutical model for preaching Christ centered sermons from Old Testament Scriptures. Following a broad survey of Old Testament preaching throughout the history of the Christian Church, he suggests methods through which Old Testament Scriptures can be seen to lead to a proclamation of Christ and provides a process to use these interpretive tools to develop ChristocentricRead MoreThe Foundation Of Orthodoxy And The Canon1484 Words   |  6 Pages In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for Church History CHHI 301 by Whitney J. Fitzwater April 6, 2015 INTRODUCTION The history of the Church has seen key event and movements that influenced the New Testament canon. The way by which the New Testament cannon was formed as it was is a subject of debate to this day. To truly know and begin to understand God, one must be able to understand that Scripture is God-breathed. This is crucial for Christ followers in orderRead MoreAuthor Bart D. Ehrman on Scriptures1196 Words   |  5 Pagesoriginality of a religious scripture? Is it a life changing question? Yes, it absolutely can be a life changing curiosity leading to a long journey of research. As it was the case for Bart D. Ehrman. Ehram a less devout episcopal Christian who converted to evangelical Christianity, in an essence, re-embraced the religion at a young age and started studying Christianity. His education started off at Moody Bible Institute and the Wheaton College and later received his PhD in New Testament studies. During hisRead MoreDescription of The Divinity of the Scriptures1553 Word s   |  7 Pagesbook that is comprised of over forty different authors and sixty six different books, which are sub-divided into the Old and New Testament. The division is because the Old is the books that we inherited from the Jewish faith and the New Testament is during the time of and after the Messiah, had come and is only in the Christian Bible. The Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are given by the inspiration of God because, they complement each other, they declare prophecy and fulfillment, and God isRead MoreJesus Christ From The Old Testament787 Words   |  4 Pagescomposed of two testaments that on the surface are seemingly in contrast and with many discontinuities. How these two testaments work together in harmony can be mysterious and difficult for ministers. In the book Preaching Christ from the Old Testament Sidney Greidanus focuses on uniting the New and the Old Testament through Jesus Christ. He says, â€Å"Jesus Christ is the link between the Old and the New. God’s revelation reaches its climax in the New Testament – and this climax is not a new teaching orRead MoreThe Magna Carte, The Declaration Of Independence, And But The Communist Manifesto1534 Words   |  7 Pages Throughout out the history of the world many documents have had profound influences upon humanity. The Magna Carte, The Declaration of Independence, and even the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx are examples of some of the documents that have helped to shape humanity. The Bible has had perhaps more impact on humanity than any other Document ever written. Many people read the Bible, but know little of the history of the Bible itself. The history of the Bible is a fascinating story ofRead MoreBiblical Approach : Canonical Criticism Essay1179 Words   |  5 Pagesof the scriptures was not by a formal ruling of any council. Canonical development underwent rigorous and challenging difficulties because of the following influences: Gnosti cism, Marcion, Montanism and Persecution, which impacted how the canon was formed. Gnosticism for example, affected early Christianity in the choice of selected writings they held as authoritative. Again, Marcion rejected Old Testament books as authoritative for the Christians. He (Marcion) favoured the New Testament books,Read MoreReflection Of The Old Testament741 Words   |  3 PagesIntroduction â€Å"One of the most marked and hopeful signs of our time is the increasing attention given on all sides to the study of Holy Scripture. Those who believe and love the Bible, who have experienced its truth and power, can only rejoice at such an issue.† The Bible is a tool that can be used to assist in positive living and assist in living a morally good life. If taught correctly, meaning not used to manipulate people for self-satisfaction, it can be a timeless tool that can go from generationRead MoreThe Biblical Canon Of The Bible959 Words   |  4 Pagesis popular, or more importantly, how did it come about. Called the canon of Scriptures, or a ‘list’, it is the compilation of biblical books regarded by Christians as â€Å"uniquely authoritative† (Klein, Blomberg, Hubbard, Jr., 1993, p. 103). It includes 66 books encompassing thousands of years of history, written in multiple genres, and authored by many individuals. Inclusion into the canon required th e necessity of scripture to meet specific criteria. Careful study dictated what became standard forRead MoreChristopher Wright s The Old Testament And The New Testament1203 Words   |  5 Pagesthe narrative of the Old Testament and the New Testament into one chronicle event moving along the time line to teach and understand the mission of the church. It follows the events of â€Å"knowing the story† and where the church came from and where it is headed. Clearly the church is not complete as Jesus has not returned so the work is still on going. The story continues to be written. Christians today, just as the Jewish people did back during the times of the Old Testament, need to know the story

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The Management Of A Company - 1238 Words

How would you feel if you owned part of a company, but could not help make any decisions on the future of the company? Those who own majority of the company decide to hire mangers to make important decisions on your company. This is a general example on how shareholders run their company. Now wouldn t you rather help make decision, or be able to factor in ideas from the employees and community that has helped the business grow? If so, you might want to consider the stakeholders theory. Different stakeholders can hold varying amounts of influence and interest, within the organization. For example, consider a factory worker. An individual worker has large interests in the company, in terms of working conditions, salary, and benefits.†¦show more content†¦Internal stakeholders are described as â€Å"the managers and employees of a company.† Connected stakeholders are those that are beyond the immediate boundaries of the firm, while external stakeholders are those who are outside the firm. Some would say it is rather difficult to argue the stakeholders theory because there is not as much information on the subject as there is shareholders theory. They would argue that shareholders own most corporations; and presently, corporations owned by stakeholders would be unsuccessful in the long run. There has been some debate on the legitimacy of the concept of the stakeholder, according to Friedman and Miles. â€Å"The stakeholder concept has not gone unchallenged. Many have reiterated the alternative stakeholder positions. Others have challenged implications of the stakeholder concept for certain groups† (Friedman and Miles 118). Friedman and Miles go on to argue how stakeholders can weaken an organization, and even alter its long-term characteristics. Assume that the stakeholder concept is infallible and consider the example of the factory worker. The company is publicly owned and is located in a more economically developed country (MEDC), where it will have a weaker influence from the government when compared to government owned companies. Labor unions associated with the company will likely be strong and workers will have a higher influence than they would in a less economically developed country (LEDC) where unions are

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Lehman Brothers And The Financial Crisis - 1365 Words

When the crisis began in the mid-2007 caused by sub-prime bubble, uncertainty among banks about the creditworthiness for their clients and customers deteriorated as they had majorly invested in very complex and overpriced financial products. As a result, the interbank market became volatile and risk premiums on interbank loans increased. Banks faced a serious liquidity problem, as they experienced major difficulties to revolve their short-term debt. At that stage, policymakers still perceived the crisis primarily as a liquidity problem. However, it was widely believed that the European economy would be largely safe to the financial turbulence. The real economy, though slowing, was thriving on strong fundamentals such as rapid export growth†¦show more content†¦Faulty investments and real estate and banking bubbles had cost some citizens their savings, particularly in majorly impacted countries such as Spain. During the credit crunch, many commercial European banks lost money on their exposure to bad debts in US (e.g. subprime mortgage debt bundles). The credit crunch caused a decrease in bank lending and investments; this resulted in a serious recession (economic downturn). European house prices fell due to credit crunch and recession which increased the losses of many European banks. The recession caused a steep deterioration in government funds. As a result of negative growth, the government received less tax: (high unemployment leading to less income tax; less people spending lead to less VAT; less company profits lead to less corporation tax etc. The government also had to spend more on unemployment benefits). GDP fell (see chart below) and debts rose rapidly, resulting in increase in Debt to GDP ratio (see chart below). Unemployment figures were at 5% in Germany at the lower end, while it reached 27% in Greece and Spain. In an increasing number of countries a vicious cycle developed. Financial instability slowed economic growth, which resulted in lower tax revenues and increased governments’ debts. Due to higher debts, the cost of borrowing for governments rose and financial instability increased. More focus on budget deficit and less on the level of government debt, lack of surveillance of competitiveness and